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Instrumental Music
Education Queensland provides a visiting specialist who is a skilled and qualified instrumental teacher  to Morningside State School .  Morningside SS offers the Concert Band Program (starting in year 4).  Students are selected to participate after an extensive recruitment program, and access instrument tuition in small groups during school class time on a withdrawal basis. They also attend an ensemble rehearsal before school at their playing level.
A contribution levy assists with the provision of larger instruments and music, while students can loan instruments for their first year of learning.
Instruments offered include:
flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, baritone horn, trumpet, trombone, and percussion (not drum kit in Primary schools).
Singing, piano, and guitar are not part of the Education Queensland instrumental program.
Senior Band: Wednesdays 7:30am (Mrs Neal)
Junior Band: Wednesdays 8:15am Starting Term 2 (Mrs Neal)
Coding Club
Coding:  Thursdays 3:15-4:15pm (Mr Maywald), years 4-6
Coding Club is really a misnomer.  STEM, STEAM, whatever you want to call it would be a more appropriate term this year.  So far this term students have engaged in building skill testers using wires and Makey-Makey, have explored angles by creating some amazing art using scratch and have created a simple computer game.
Its all about fun, learning and problem solving. 
Students who sign up will need to have an account with Scratch.  For more information students can ask for a note from Mr Maywald or contact him on
Limited spaces are available and classes occur in the Resource Centre.
Homework Club
Mondays 3:05-4:00pm (Mrs Boyle)
Homework Club will be offered on Monday afternoons from 3.05pm – 4.00pm beginning in Week 4. Places available are limited. Parents of non-OSHC students attending Homework Club must pick students up from the Resource Centre at the end. If your child attends After School Care then an extra curriculum permission form must be signed as well.
Parents can email expressions of interest to Mrs Kristy Boyle
Limited spaces are available and this club is run from the Resource Centre. 
Ukulele Club
Ukulele is a great way for those students who would like to try a musical instrument to give it a go, or for those who love playing to join and have some fun.
Junior Ukulele sets the children up with some basic skills, learning chords and simple tunes.  As they advance they will move to Advanced Ukulele, where they will get to try a few more complex concepts and really push that talent along!
Junior Ukulele:  Mondays 11:00-11:30am (Mr Allen)
Advanced Ukulele: Wednesdays 11:00-11:30am (Mr Allen)
For all you wonderful warblers out there - this one is for you.  Singing in a choir can be a wonderful experience that benefits a child's singing skills (both individually and as a group) and also build confidence.  The choir performs several times a year and parents will be informed on these occasions.
Thursdays:  11:00-11:30 (Mr Allen)
Typing Club
This takes place in the library and gives students an opportunity to practice and improve their typing skills using the program Typing Tournament.
Mondays 1:40-2:10pm (Mrs Smith)
Literacy Club
Run by our amazing resident published author Mrs Coe, the children delve into the world of literacy.  On Tuesday they read and explore a chosen text - often taking time to convert this into some awesome reader's theatre or simply exploring the themes. 
On Wednesdays the children benefit from Mrs Coe's amazing literary talents and create wonderful written work.
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 11:00-11:30am (Mrs Coe)
Cheerleading - Morningside Marvels
We have two cheer teams. The Level One team trains from 3.30pm to 5.00pm on Thursday afternoons. The Level Two team trains on Tuesday afternoons at the same time. Both teams run from Week 6, Term 1 to the week after our final competition in November. We compete in two competitions a year. Competitions are either in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. There is an annual fee to take part in Cheer, this covers all expenses for the year including competition entry, insurance, coaching etc. We hold an information/sign on meeting followed by try outs early in Term 1 each year to allocate children to teams.
For more info please email Julia Fifoot (Cheer Manager and Assistant Coach)
Dates and times TBC.  Students participate in training and competitions throughout the year.
Environmental Club
Each week our trusty group of eco-warriors set out and plot new ways to make our school and even more wonderful place to attend, work in and visit.  Tending gardens, planting and just keeping the environment looking great for the rest of us to enjoy is all in a day's work for these amazing students, parents and teachers.
Wednesdays 3:00pm-4:30pm.  Students must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
Japanese Hiragana Club
Years 3-6 Tuesday 2nd break 1:40-2:10 (Sensei Silby)
Hiragana 'Karate' Club is designed for students in Years 3 - 6 who are interested in mastering the Japanese phonetic alphabet, aka Hiragana. Self-paced in learning, students are offered a variety of fun activities to help them learn and remember the 46 basic characters and then commence on the blends. Students work through the belts to achieve 'Black Belt' status. This club takes place on Tuesday in the Resource Centre at 1.40pm (second break). This activity will appear on report cards as an extra-curricular activity. Commitment is required.
J Club (Junior Japanese)
Years P-2 Tuesday 1st break 11:00-11:30 (Sensei Silby)
A more generic 'J' Club is being offered for the lower grades (Years 1 - 3) in the Resource Centre on Tuesday mornings at 11.00am (first break). Themes change through the terms and may include Japanese children's story telling, script writing, art, number games, origami and Japanese toy play.
For further information about J Club or the Japanese Language program, please email Silby Sensei on